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How To Use Humidifiers

How To Use Humidifiers

Winter doesn’t have to be hard on your skin, your pocketbook, or your HVAC system. For many of us cold, dry air wreaks havoc not only on our skin, but it affects our indoor air quality, and ensures that our HVAC units work harder than they should during those cold, dry months. Humidifiers are one way to overcome this, however, many people have portable humidifiers that at end of the day do not really provide an adequate level of humidity. Additionally, these portable humidifiers not require constant maintenance and you will likely see a spike in your utilities bill without much in the way of humidification results.

A humidifier on your HCAV unit, however, is an optimal way to ensure that your home or living space is provided the optimal, and comfortable range of humidity, year round. Humidifiers on your HVAC unit is typically set to maintain 35% humidity in your home.

The humidifiers include a water metering orifice designed to regulate the water flow through the humidifier. This can range from a mere 3 gallons per hour to as much as 6 gallons per hour. The saddle valve is not designed to regulate the water flow and should simply be turned to fully open so the orifice can regulate the flow. If the saddle valve is not fully opened the humidity output from the humidifier will be reduced.

Humidifiers can operate with hot, cold, hard or soft water. Hot water is preferred as it supplements the heat from the HVAC system to increase the evaporation rate. When the humidifier is wired on a heat or HVAC fan hot water is required as it is the only heat source for the evaporation process.

All humidifiers require, heat, water, and air movement in order to add moisture to the air. Moisture in the form of vapor is added whenever the humidity level in the homes is lower than the desired level and the HVAC system dan is moving air. When the HVAC system is not operating, the humidifier may not be wired to only operator with the fan is on.

You can upgrade your humidifier to an automatic control with an outdoor sensor. The outdoor temperature sensor continuously reports change in temperature to the automatic digital control located on the cold air return drop on your home. This control uses this information to determine if the home needs additional humidity to ensure the optimum humidification level is maintained.

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