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Crown Boiler 3505020 Honeywell S8610U3009 Spark Ignition Module

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 Product Description


The S8610U Universal Replacement Ignition Module is designed to provide easy field replacement of a wide range of intermittent pilot ignition modules manufactured by Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson and others. The S8610U Module provides ignition sequence, flame monitoring, and safety shutoff for intermittent pilot central furnaces, residential boilers, and other heating appliances.



• Provides up to 1.0A pilot and 2.0A main valve current rating.

• System uses rectification principle for flame sensing.

• For use with separate igniter and sensor or combination igniter-sensor. Q345, Q348, Q362, Q373 or Q381 Igniter-sensor recommended as combination igniter-sensor; Q179C with igniter and sensor mounted on one bracket, or Q354 Sensor with Q345, Q348, Q362, Q373 or Q381 Igniter-sensor recommended as separate igniter and sensor.

• Q3450/Q3480 Hot Surface Pilot hardware plugs directly into system control.

• Can be used on natural or LP gas; provides 100 percent shutoff on ignition failure. Waits six minutes nominal following shutoff, then reinitiates the pilot ignition sequence. The ignition trial-shutoff-wait cycle repeats until the pilot lights or the call for heat ends.

• Replaces numerous Honeywell and competitor modules.

• Capacitive discharge spark output.

• Temperature rating is -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 79°C) when used with 1.0A or less main valve; -40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C) when used with 1.0 to 2.0A main valve.



IPI-24-00 FENWAL 05-203025-005 05-203026-005 S86H1089 S86H1097 S86H1105 S86H1121 S86H1147 S90A100 CSA42A-604R CSA43A-600R CSA44A-600R CSA45A-601R CSA45A-602R CSA46A-600R G60PAG-6 G60PAJ-1 G60PAK-1 G60PAK-2 G60PFH-1 G60PFH-2 G60RCG-2 G60RCJ-1 G60RDG-1 G60RDK-1 G60RGL-1 G60RHL-1 G67AG-7 G67AG-8 G67BG-2 G67BG-3 G67BG-4 G67BG-5 S86A1001 S86A1019 S86A1027 S86A1035 S90B1003 S90B1011 S8600A1001 S8600B1009 S8600C1015 S8600F1000 CSA48A-600R CSA49A-600R CSA49A-605R CSA51A-601R CSA52A-600R G60AAA-1 G60PFL-1 G60PFQ-1 G60PVL-1 G60QAG-2 G60QAG-3 G60QAK-1 G60RHP-1 G60RPL-1 G60RSL-1 G60ZAG-1 G65BBG-1 G65BBG-2 G67MG-1 G67MG-4 G67NG-2 G600AX-1 G600AY-1 G600MX-1 S86B1009 S86B1017 S86B1025 S86C1007 S86C1015 S86C1031 S8600F1034 S8600F1042 S8600H1006 S8600H1022 S8600H1048 S8600H1055 G60AAG-1 G60AAG-3 G60AAG-4 G60AAG-5 G60AAG-6 G60CAA-1 G60QBG-1 G60QBG-2 G60QBG-3 G60QBG-4 G60QBG-5 G60QBG-6 G65BBG-4 G65BBG-5 G65BBG-6 G65BBG-7 G65BBG-8 G600NX-1 G600RX-1 G670AW-1 G770MGA-1 G770MGA-2 G770MGC-1 S86C1049 S86C1056 S86D1005 S86D1021 S86E1002 S86E1010 S8600H1089 S8600H1105 S8600M1005 S8600M1013 S8610A1009 S8610B1007 G60CAA-3 G60CAG-1 G60CAG-2 G60CAG-3 G60CAG-4 G60CAG-5 G60QBG-7 G60QBG-8 G60QBG-9 G60QBH-1 G60QBK-1 G60QBK-3 G65BBM-1 G65BBM-2 G65BBM-3 G65BBM-4 G65BCG-1 G65BCM-1 G770MGC-2 G770MGC-3 G770MHA-1 G770NGA-1 G770NGC-4 G770NGC-5 S86E1028 S86E1036 S86E1044 S86E1051 S86E1069 S86E1077 S8610B1015 S8610C1005 S8610F1008 S8610F1016 S8610F1024 S8610F1032 G60CAG-6 G60CAG-7 G60CAG-8 G60CAG-9 G60CBA-1 G60CBA-3 G60QBL-1 G60QBL-2 G60QCG-1 G60QCJ-1 G60QCL-1 G60QDG-1 G65BFG-1 G65BFM G65BKG-1 G65BKG-2 G65BKG-3 G65BKM-1 G770NGC-6 G770NGC-7 G770RGA-1 G770RHA-1 G770MHA-2 G770MHC-1 G8R0MN-16 S86E1101 S86E1119 S86E1127 S86F1000 S86F1018 S86F1026 S8610H1012 S8610H1038 S8610H1046 S8610H1053 S8610H1079 S8610M1003 G60CBG-1 G60CBG-10 G60CBG-11 G60CBG-14 G60CBG-16 G60CBG-17 G60QFL-1 G60QHL-1 G60QJL-1 G60QLG-1 G60QPL-1 G60QRH-1 G65BKM-2 G65BKM-3 G65DBG G65DBM-1 G65DBM-3 G65DCM-1 G770NHA-1 G770NHC-1 G770RHA-2 G65BBG-3 S86F1042 S86F1059 S86F1067 S86F1075 S86F1083 S86F1091 S86G1008 S8610M1029 S8620H1028 HSC 1003-3 1003-300 G60CBG-3 G60CBG-4 G60CBG-9 G60CCA-1 G60CCG-1 G60CPG-1 G60DBG-1 G60QRL-1 G60QRL-2 G60QRL-3 G60QSL-1 G60QTH-1 G60QTL-1 G60RAG-1 G65DFG G65DFM-1 G65DKG G65DKM G65FBG G65FFG G65FKG ROBERTSHAW 780-715 780-735 780-737 SP715 SP715A SP735 S86G1016 S86G1032 S86G1057 S86G1073 S86H1006 S86H1022 S86H1048 CSA35A-617R CSA35A-618R CSA42A-600R CSA42A-601R CSA42A-603R G60DCG-1 G60DCG-2 G60PAG-1 G60PAG-2 G60PAG-3 G60PAG-4 G60PAG-5 G60RAK-1 G60RBG-1 G60RBG-2 G60RBG-3 G60RBK-1 G60RBK-2 G66AG-1 G66BG-1 G66MG-1 G66NG-1 G67AG-3 G67AG-4 SP735D SP735L USI 715U

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