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Rheem Ruud 51-102500-04 Condenser Fan Motor 1/5HP

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5110250004 RHE

 Product Description

Notes »

For technical specifications for this motor, see the links provided for the motor part numbers above. Note that while the specifications may vary slightly, these motors have been approved by Rheem engineering to be interchangeable in all applications.

The 51-102500 series motors are service motor part numbers. The box is labeled as 51-102500-04, and the motor supplied inside will be either 51-102008-07 (U.S. Motors) or 51-101774-51 (Genteq).

The end boss mounting holes are NOT tapped on these motors. Quantity (4) self-tapping machine screws (10-32 x 7/16 in.) should be used for mounting. Normally, the original screws can be reused for replacement. If additional screws are required, 63-100404-01 is the part number used in production. Equivalent fasteners are also available in many hardware stores.


Where Used »

This part (or a part replaced by this part) is specified on the following parts lists:


RPNE51-101774-03Fan Group

RPNL51-101774-03Fan Group

14AJL51-101774-03Electrical-Fan Group, Coil Parts

RA1751-101774-03Electrical-Fan Group

RP1551-101774-03Electrical-Fan Group (2)

SA1451-101774-03Electrical-Fan Group (1)

SA1751-101774-03Electrical-Fan Group

SP1551-101774-03Electrical-Fan Group

UA1751-101774-03Electrical-Fan Group

EA1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group

EP1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group

RA1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group (3)

RA1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group (1)

RP1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group (1)

RP1551-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group (2)

SA1351-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group

SA1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group (1)

SA1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group (2)

SP1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group (1)

SP1451-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group (2)

SP1551-101774-51Electrical-Fan Group

RAND51-102008-03Fan Group

RANL51-102008-03Fan Group (J C Voltages 042-060)

RPNE51-102008-03Fan Group

RPPC51-102008-03Electrical Group, Fan Group

RPPL51-102008-03Fan Group, Coil Parts

13AJA51-102008-03Electrical-Fan Group

13AJL51-102008-03Electrical-Fan Group, Coil Parts

14AJA51-102008-03Electrical-Fan Group, Coil Parts

14PJL51-102008-03Electrical-Fan Group, Coil Parts

SAGL51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

SAGN51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RANL51-102008-07Fan Group (J Voltages 018-037)

RANL51-102008-07Fan Group (J C Voltages 042-060)

RAPL51-102008-07Fan Group

RAPM51-102008-07Fan Group

SPGL51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RPNL51-102008-07Fan Group

RPQL51-102008-07Fan Group

13ACA51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

13ACN51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group, Coil Parts

13AJM51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

13AJN51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

13PCA51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group, Coil Parts

13PCL51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group, Coil Parts

13PJA51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (1)

13PJA51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (2)

13PJL51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

13PJP51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

14PJM51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

15PJL51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RA1351-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RA1451-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (1)

RCU13022A51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (Three Phase)

RCU13022A51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RCU13410A51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group, Coil Parts

RCU13410B51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RCU13410C51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (1)

RCU13410C51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group(2)

RHP13022A51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (3)

RHP13022A51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (1)

RHP13410A51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RHP13410P51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RHP14410A51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RHP15410A51-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RP1351-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

RP1451-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (1)

RP1451-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (3)

RP1451-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (2)

RP1551-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (2)

SA1351-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

SA1451-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (1)

SP1351-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group

SP1451-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (1)

SP1451-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group (2)

SP1551-102008-07Electrical-Fan Group


Replacement History »









  • HP: 1/5
  • Volts: 208-230
  • RPM: 850
  • Winding: PSC
  • Rotation: CCW lead end
  • Shaft: 0.5 dia x 1.88
  • Bearings: Ball
  • Frame: 48Y
  • Hertz: 60/50
  • Speed: 1
  • Phase: 1
  • Requires 10MFDx370 Capacitor (not included)




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