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Taco 5004-C2 1" Sweat Mixing Valve

Price: $123.72

Taco 5004-C2 1" Sweat Mixing Valve

The 5000 Series Mixing Valve is a dual purpose mixing or diverting valve. It is ASSE 1017 approved, providing shut-off reliability on either a hot or cold water supply failure. The high flow and low headloss characteristics make the 5000 Series ideal for domestic water, radiant applications, installations with large variations in flow rate and supply conditions, and installations requiring tightly controlled water temperature. The valves unique design and advanced thermostatic element ensures a stable mixed water temperature throughout

the extended 85-150 F range. The 5000 Series provides fail-safe security and the ultimate performance in a mixing valve.


  • Fail-Safe on Hot or Cold Supply Failure

  • Delivers Stable Mixed Water Temperature

  • ASSE 1017 Certified

  • High Flow

  • Low Headloss

  • Dual Purpose Mixing or Diverting Valve

  • Extended Mix Temperature Range of 85 -150 F

  • Ideal for Domestic Water and Radiant Applications

  • Tamper-Proof Cap


  • Max. Inlet Temperature: 210 F (100 C)

  • Max. Inlet Pressure: 200 psi (13.8 bar)

  • Min. Working Pressure: 1.5 psi (0.1 bar)

  • Max. Differential Pressure
    Between Hot & Cold: 5:1

  • Min. Temperature Differential Between Hot Supply and Outlet: 20 F (6.7 C)

  • Controlled Outlet Temp.: 85 -150 F (29 -66 C)

  • Factory Temp. Setting: 130 F

  • Maintains Constant Outlet Temperature to: ±5 F (±3 C)


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