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Sunstar 45K LP Propane Radiant Infrared Tube Garage Heater

Price: $779.00

SIR Series (Eclipse)Features

  • Compact size - overall length is
  • 9'2" for ease of installation
  • Efficiencies range up to 84.5%
  • Installation as low as 8' above floor
  • Optional deflector kit for reduced clearances below
  • CSA Design Certified for Canada
  • Includes 36" stainless steel gas connector.

SIR Technical Features

Vacuum System
Products of combustion are pulled through the combustion chamber for greater safety
. . . virtually eliminates the possibility of combustion gases leaking into the heated space.

Solid State Ignition System
Reliable electronic direct spark ignition system with 100% gas safety
shut-off control and 30-second pre-purge . . . safety and efficiency assurance.

U-Tube Design
Provides uniform emitter tube temperatures and energy distribution on the floor . . . unlike
straight tube heaters which are always hotter at the burner end than at the exhaust end.

5-year limited combustion chamber warranty.

Other Features
Heavy-duty combustion chamber, aluminum reflectors with 97% reflectivity rating,
diaphragm safety switch for proof of venting, and system indicator lights.

**This unit is LP Propane Gas**

**This heater comes set up for elevations of 0'-1,999'. If your elevation is higher that that listed, please contact us before ordering.***


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